Mass and Charge Balance (MCB) Model,
The newst model for corrosion description
Corrosion in the Nuclear Industry; From Core of Reactor to Wast Disposal Containers
Our group member are fundumentally investigationg the effect of different alloying ellements on the corrosion of different alloys especially Fe-Ni-Cr alloys
Water Radiolysis Modeling
Development of a kinetic model for calculating concentration of water radiolysis products in different conditions
Gamma Radiation Assisted Nano Particle Formation
Nano particles from many metalic componenets, Fe, Cr, Co, Cu, was formed using gamma radiation and their kinetics of formation was investigated

Our primary research aim is the application of chemical kinetics analysis and modelling to complex chemical systems of practical interest. The field of applied chemical kinetics has a wide range of practical applications, from environmental studies to industrial problems, such as the rate of ozone depletion in the atmosphere, containment transport in ground waters, chemical evolution of mine tailings, the rate of pipeline corrosion, etc. The solution to such problems lies in an integrated approach, combining experimental and modelling studies.
Congratualations Balsam!
Balsam has successfully defended her master thesis
  1. R.P. Morco, A.Y. Musa, M. Momeni, and J.C. Wren. Corrosion of Carbon Steel in the [P14666][Br] Ionic Liquid: The Effects of γ-Radiation and Cover Gas. Corros. Sci., (2015) Accepted.
  2. M. Momeni and J.C. Wren. A Mechanistic Model for Oxide Growth and Dissolution during Corrosion of Cr-Containing Alloys. Faraday Discussions, In press.
  3. R.P. Morco, J.M. Joseph, and J.C. Wren. The Chemical Stability of Phosphonium-based Ionic Liquids under Gamma Irradiation. RSC Adv., 5 (2015) 28570-28581.
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